Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

Many times, I feel that I have sagging skin, especially around my cheek which could be due to poor diet, bad sleeping habit or simply aging. Facelife often crosses my mind but I just cannot afford for the long recovery time. Thread lifts emerged and seems to be a better option for me, especially if I could get through it from a good hand of a certified doctor. Thread lifts seems to cost lesser than a facelift and with lesser downtime and result is almost immediate.

Centre for Cosmetic

I visited Centre for Cosmetic at Shaw Centre on a Monday afternoon. Upon reaching, I was greeted warmly by their receptionists, who also gave me a questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire seeks information on my area of concern and also my medical history.

Shortly after my completion of the questionnaire, I met Dr Liu Han Ping. Being experienced in the field of aesthetic beauty, I have no qualms in sharing my expectations with him.

pamphlet on Silhouette Soft

Dr Liu introduced Silhouette Soft, a new technology of thread lifting that will address my concern perfectly since my facial support structure has weakens in particularly the cheeks, resulting a longer, older-looking face with deeper nasolabial folds

Although this customised approach to facial rejuvenation seems perfect, I was also make known to understand and accept the possibility of the risks and complications such as unsymmetrical in facial contour, limitations to minimally invasive procedures in terms of result and etc.

more on Silhouette Soft

Silhouette Soft yields natural results with its new technology by inserting an invisible thread into my skin and stimulates lost collagen production. The procedure last not more than an hour with the thread entirely re-absorbable. No incision has to be made on my skin hence minimally invasive and leave no scar on my face.

Silhouette Soft is a treatment with two powerful actions, lifting for immediate effect and regenerative action for gradual and natural looking results. The restoration of lost collagen is expected to last more than 12 months.

This treatment can be treated to contours of the face, eyebrows, neck, jawline, cheeks and mid face area.

marking on face in preparation for thread lift

Right after the consultation, I was brought to a well-lit room with lots of state-of-art medical equipments. I laid comfortably onto the bed while Dr Liu started to do simple markings on my face as a blueprint for the thread lift. This is essential as a wrong marking might make the face goes unsymmetrical.

injecting of local anesthesia after removal of numbing cream

Thick slab of numbing cream is applied to my areas of treatment followed by multiple injection of local anesthesia .

Dr Liu performing thread lifting on my right

Dr Liu uses a thin needle to insert the thread under my facial tissues after treating my face with numbing cream and local anesthetic. The barbs on one end of the thread grab and lift my sagging skin while the other end anchor the skin to the underlying facial tissues. No incisions or stitches are required hence no scars are being produced.

right after the thread lift before trimming of thread

The lifting result is immediate but the expected result will come after 1 month. I was completely fine after the thread lift with some bruises due to the tugging and pulling of skin. I am advised to follow a list of postoperative instructions to reduce the risk of complications during recovery. These instructions include having someone to assist me with daily activities for at least 24 hours and no strenuous exercise for 2 weeks. Pain can be managed with oral medications and my head should be elevated while sleeping to reduce swelling.

Overall, I feel that Silhouette Soft thread lifting is a good procedure thou results may have varied. Surprisingly, the only discomfort to me was probably the injection of local anesthetic. The thread lift itself is pain free and I’m totally comfortable with it. Choosing a certified doctor that have the extensive knowledge about thread lifts is important too!