IPPIN is at Donburi Revolution 2018 Marina Square – Singapore’s First DIY Donburi Event!

Make your Donburi Japanese Rice bowl with best selling Toppings from IPPIN!

Singapore – From 19 to 21 October 2018, visitors can dive into a bowl of endless possibilities with Singapore’s first DIY rice bow event – Donburi Revolution!

Aimed to raise awareness about the different types of rice from various Japanese prefectures, visitors can look forward to a weekend of fluffy rice and fun, including workshops and demonstrations.


IPPIN offers customers’ favorite rice toppings for free when you purchase a drink! Get walnut sardines, candied river shrimps, black sesame, plum or young sardine furikake (flakes) topped on your rice bowls for that extra punch you never knew existed.

🌸Drinks 🌸

Customers get to pair their DIY donburi with refreshing, made in Japan drinks such as watermelon soda, yuzu soda, salt soda and beer, all at below $10/bottle.


Besides enjoying tasty customizable donburi toppings and various rice from different prefectures of Japan, customers can complete their experience and purchase some easy to make meal ingredients such as the ayu sweet fish, miso and dressing that takes less than five minutes to prepare.

Visit IPPIN at the Donburi Revolution for an oishii moment! Pre-register for a bowl of free rice: ricerevolution.com.sg

Donburi Revolution

19 - 21 October 2018

Friday - Sunday

11:00am - 9:00pm 

Open to public

Marina Square, Atrium

6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594

Topp Care Hair Solutions gives good Customized Hair Treatment and Services

Topp Care Hair Solutions – the US Trichology Institute Certified Specialist is now conveniently located in Simei Eastpoint Mall.

I have been worried about the condition of my hair and scalp and came across Topp Care and decided to give it a try. Being an awardee for Best Customer Service 2018 by SHESA (Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award), Topp Care pampered me with their professionalism and hospitality. The ambiance and interior of this new outlet at Simei Eastpoint Shopping Mall is spacious and modern, an upgrade from its previous outlet in the neighborhood of Tampines.

Topp Care uses natural Western Botanical Ingredients to solve hair problems such as hair loss, oily/dry scalp, grey hair, etc and are certified by the US Trichology Institute as well as a Member of the British Herbal Medicine Association.

When I arrived, Helen warmly ushered me into a room where I completed a questionnaire on my hair conditions before shelooked through them.

Subsequently, a Hair & Scalp Analysis was performed that uses a scanner lens magnifying up to 200 times. This helps to analyze my scalp condition and provides a good visual proof of the improved scalp condition after treatments are administered.

Depending on the conditions of your hair and scalp, the consultant will advise you on the suitable treatment(s) for a customized experience. I was surprised after finding out my scalp condition. I was diagnosed having oily scalp with pore blockages and if this is not treated properly, it will lead to hair thinning and eventually, hair lost.

Helen recommended me the Detoxdren Treatment which will help to regulate the amount of sebum of my scalp while removing blockages and residues surrounding the hair pores. 

A revitalizing Hair Bath with botanical shampoo and conditioner are applied along with therapeutic massage. This process helps the scalp to restore its sebum balance while keeping it refresh and stress-free. I have never felt so relaxed in a long time.

The final step of the procedure ended with an InfraRed Therapy which said to increase the absorption rate of active ingredients, reducing of scalp inflammations while increasing the blood flow.

Conclusion: I can feel that my scalp got cleaner and fresher with my hair feeling lighter and bouncier because it is not weighed down due to oiliness which I had previously. To maintain the effectiveness or improve the condition, regular treatment is definitely encouraged and one should start to take care of their scalp and hair health as early as 15 years old.

For people who have greying and thinning hair, I recommend you to try their Signature Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment. It is formulated to counteract age-related hair changes while reversing the symptoms of grey hair and providing essential nutrients for hair loss prevention. This treatment also cleanses the scalp and follicles from impurities to prevent scalp from premature aging while restoring the moisture in them.

Topp Care’s Signature Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment is suitable for people of young and old. The result is naturally thicker and darker hair that one will look and feel good with.

Daily care to the hair is almost as important as visiting Topp Care for treatments. I get to try their Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo and Repair Conditioner for improving of my hair health.

Topp Care Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo cleanses & nourishes scalp that is suitable for people with very fine hair and/or people with hair loss problem. It provides vitality for continuous hair growth as it is packed with rich source of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

This shampoo contains Mandarin Orange Extract, a natural astringent to condition the scalp and combat hair loss and also powerful hair strengthening ingredient Horse Tail Extract. My hair felt reborn with more sheen and volume after a few uses.

Topp Care Repair Conditioner is great for people like me; with dry and damaged hair, especially ones with dry and porous hair that is exposed to intense chemicals frequently. The hair becomes softer and shinier as the conditioner contains valuable ingredients such as peach extract and natural silk protein.

Their range of products are sold in the outlet and can also be purchased at Redmart.

Topp Care is offering an exclusive promotion with its Signature Hair Loss Treatment @ $39 nett with free Hair & Scalp Analysis and Hair Care Kit! (U.P. $229). Call 6645-3020 and quote ‘HAZEL’ to enjoy this promotion OR visit this link to enjoy the promotion: http://bit.ly/2OG0GYO. This promotion is valid for first time customers.

Topp Care Hair Solutions

Eastpoint Mall (next to Simei MRT)

#03-24, S528833

Operating Hours
Mon – Fri : 11am – 9pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 10am – 7pm

+65 6645-3020

email: enquiry@topp-care.com


Largest Maze-Soba Restaurant Chain MENYA KOKORO from Japan is in Singapore

So popular that Menya Kokoro has opened 27 outlets around the world in just 4 years!

One of Tokyo’s hottest Maze-Soba (Japanese dry ramen) restaurant chains has finally arrived in Singapore! Since its establishment in 2014, Menya Kokoro has opened 27 outlets worldwide in Japan, Indonesia, Spain, Thailand and Vancouver within a span of just 4 years.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Menya Kokoro’s latest Singapore outpost will serve up its best-selling signature Maze-Soba together with Singapore-exclusive creations.

In the extremely competitive F&B industry, Menya Kokoro is committed to excellence by setting their own set of standards to abide closely.


🍜 Precision: Noodles are cooked exactly for 8 mins 40 sec to get the perfect chewy texture

🍜 Healthy: Noodles are made using fibrous whole wheat flour with purified water

🍜 Authentic: The maze-soba sauce is specially flown in from japan to ensure consistent to the great taste as the stores in japan.


Maze-Don ($10.80++) – new twist on the traditional Maze-Soba, using 100% Japanese rice instead of noodles and topped with the Maze-Soba toppings! Specially selected by Singapore’s only Japanese rice sommelier, the rice is flown in straight from Hokkaido and Niigata in its raw state and is polished only upon order to preserve its aroma.

Curry Maze-Don ($13.80++) – A spicier version of the Maze-Don, enjoy a fragrant ricebowl topped with Japanese curry made in-house, and succulent grilled chicken!

Vegan Maze-Soba ($11.80++) – Comes with flavourful soy meat, and a colourful medley of vegetables!

Other tantalising dishes at Menya Kokoro include:

Spicy Maze-Soba ($11.80++) – Spice-lovers will love this rendition of Maze-Soba with special spicy oil!

Melting Cheese Maze-Soba ($12.80++) – Irresistible melted cheese on Maze-Soba


Chicken Wings ($4.80) – Made with Nagoya-style secret recipe exclusively in Menya Kokoro Singapore

Chicken Karaage ($4.80) – Juicy, crisp-fried karaage, great for sharing

Takoyaki ($4.80) – Delicious and crispy takoyaki balls in Japanese mayo and bonito flakes

My favorite dish at Menya Kokoro goes to their signature Original Maze-Soba ($10.80++) that comes with a medley of up to 12 ingredients atop those chewy noodles. Japanese-style slow-braised chashu, minced meat sauce, ground saba fish powder, poached egg, nori, green onions, chives, bamboo shoots and chopped garlic. Give them a good toss and relish the delicious explosion of flavors!

The addition of the given Kombu (kelp) Vinegar by the side gives the maze-soba an amazing yumminess that I fancy! You should really portion your noodles and give this a try!

Each maze-soba comes with free Mushroom Kombu Soup and a small portion of Oimeshi – high-quality japanese rice that goes perfectly with the remaining sauce from the maze-soba.

Head over to Suntec City for this 58-seater restaurant founded by  Chef Takuma Ishikawa who has 13 years of culinary experience under his belt now! Chef Takuma is trained under the original masters and creators of Menya Hanabi, who is known for inventing Maze-Soba and introducing to the world. In 2014, Chef Takuma won the highly acclaimed Best 2014 MazeSoba Award in Japan.

Menya Kokoro

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard # 03-313 Suntec City Mall S038983

Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

Phone Number: +65 6235 3386 

Seating Capacity: 58 seaters
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menyakokorosg/ Instagram: @menyakokorosg