3 reasons to check out Marina at Keppel Bay Singapore this season!

Out of mood? Out of idea? Out of fun? Marina Keppel Bay Singapore is a destination for everyone, I promise!

By now, you should be bounded to Singapore for more than a year, without any traveling to other countries – all due to the preventive measures after Covid 19 has hit the world mercilessly in late 2019.

While we are determine to turn the pandemic ordeal around by reducing the number of infected cases, we need to live our lives fully to keep the sane-selves too.

To do so, we need to find something to do! But ideas are running low and everything seemed to be extra average without much excitement by now. I know we should count on our blessings as we can lead lives the normal way with just a mask on. However, the fun element is very much needed as a pull factor to encourage Singaporeans getting out from their comfortable homes!



The award-winning Marina at Keppel Bay is the centerpiece of the premier Keppel Bay waterfront precinct – the only residential development in Singapore to have its own world-class marina on its very own private island! It is nestled on the historic Keppel Island where the Asia’s best live and berth, with plenty of things to explore, experience and eat!


Look at the astonishing architectures and you will understand why Marina Kepler Bay Singapore can be an award-winning residential development, it is simple a world-class marina of its own at the historic Keppel Island.


Officially launched in January 2008 by then-Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Marina at Keppel Bay Singapore complements premium residences Caribbean at Keppel Bay, Corals at Keppel Bay and the iconic Reflections at Keppel Bay, designed by internationally-renowned Daniel Libeskind.



Marina at Keppel Bay also features world-class berthing facilities, fine gourmet restaurants as well as beautiful architecture and landscaping on a 5-hectare private island linked to the mainland via the 245-metre Keppel Bay Bridge.


This beautiful landscape is built by international marina experts Bellingham Marine, is also the state-of-the-art floating concrete pontoons can accommodate up to 180 yachts, including superyachts of up to 86 meters inside the marina. The berth alongside Keppel Island Plaza can accommodate mega yachts up to 190 meters.



With that said, strolling at Marina Keppel Bay while taking Instagram worthy pictures of the iconic landscape has become a favorite activity of many, especially when this activity is free of charge and makes a great healthy workout!



For those who prefer a taste of the high life out at sea, Marina at Keppel Bay also presents premier yachting experiences, with a fleet of luxury motor yachts and sailing yachts available for private charter.


A multi award-winning marina, Marina at Keppel Bay is poised to be one of Asia’s top marina and lifestyle destinations. The Marina has played host to international events such as the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and Boat Asia – Asia’s leading boat and lifestyle show.



With a list of fleets in various sizes and amenities, enjoy your first multi-million dollar yacht experience at Marina Keppel Bay! It is the ultimate luxury cruising adventure that you will remember fondly.


All of the boats don deluxe interior with finely-crafted finishings, a spacious lounge and a grand saloon that offers impressive views from helm to aft deck. The flybridge, with its lavish lounge, is perfect for entertaining guests while soaking in the sunset.

Love water sports? The bay is your boundary! Start your day with a morning cruise to explore the southern islands of Singapore: St John’s Island, Lazarus Island, Sisters’ Islands and Kusu Island.


As the yacht drops anchor, swim in the blissfully sheltered bay of Lazarus Island or kayak to the sandy beaches for some island exploration. For the nature lover, head to the connecting St. john’s


Island and explore the sandy shores, or simply to enjoy the cool breeze and a leisurely meal on deck. The sailing for a breathtaking views are magical!

Sounds perfect? You can plan for your own thrilling fun too! Send enquiry, get suggested itineraries & more information on yacht options via the link here: https://marinakeppelbay.com/yacht-charter/


No matter you are planning a date to surprise your partner, setting a food date with friends, or a happy eating session with family, Marina at Keppel Bay Singapore will meet all your requirements with their waterfront dining venues and picturesque views of the marina, featuring calm blue waters framed against brilliant sunset hues with luxurious yachts docked at the magnificent bay.


Situated within the Marina clubhouse, their specially curated restaurants provide spacious alfresco and cozy indoor dining options, creating a sophisticated yet relaxed ambience for diners. Check out the delectable dining options ranging from authentic Italian cuisine to Japanese fine dining below!

Bayswater Kitchen

Tel: (65) 6776 0777


A casual and relaxed seafront dining experience with an approachable seafood-centric menu. Facing the waterfront with options for indoor and alfresco dining, Bayswater Kitchen completes the relaxed holiday vibe with the freshest catch of the day.



Specializing in seafood such as Roasted Atlantic Cod and Fisherman’s Feast, Bayswater Kitchen also has daily specials, weekly set lunches and “Brunch Buffet By The Bay”on Sundays and Public Holidays!

Privé by Keppel Bay

Tel: (65) 6776 0777

Comfort food reigns supreme in Privé! Located on Singapore’s only private island, Privé’s laidback atmosphere and wholesome café fare has cemented its position as one of the best places in Singapore to enjoy a casual meal or to grab brunch by the water’s edge.

As a family-friendly venue, they also have an outdoor playground and fun kid’s corner to entertain your little ones while you are enjoying the brunch staples such as pizza, pasta, salads & burgers, as well as local favorites at the choice of alfresco or the air-conditioned seating area.



You can also choose to sit among the lush greenery surrounded by the breathtaking views of the surrounding Marina, Mt. Faber and Sentosa, so beautiful!

Ristorante Palermo

Tel: (65) 6970 0887


Ristorante Palermo sets up the dining ambience with unparalleled waterfront views while offering scrumptious, quality Italian dining experience.

Their menu focuses on classics authentic Italian on antipasti, pastas, pizzas, and sweet treats. There is also range of cocktails and Italian wines for perfect pairings to the meals.


Ristorante Palermo can also curated set meals specials on holidays and do catering service for special events — may it be corporate dinners and seminars or personal milestone celebrations!

Sushi Jiro


Tel: (65) 6252 4333


Sushi Jiro presents authentic Japanese specials made from the freshest ingredients air flown from Japan four times a week. They prided themselves as an upmarket Japanese restaurant offering the finest in Japanese cuisine, especially when their menu is designed by experienced Japanese chefs.


Specialised choices for the discerning palate, Sushi Jiro makes every visit a memorable one, thanks to the combination of distinguished Japanese hospitality & tastefully decorated interiors overlooking the marina.

a little more on Marina Keppel Bay Singapore

This world-class Keppel Bay waterfront precinct sits on the site that was once Keppel Shipyard in the 1960s. Through Keppel’s intensive clean-up efforts, Keppel Bay is now an underwater sanctuary teeming with marine life.

Marina at Keppel Bay was constructed based on an open concept which allows water to flow freely through the entire basin during the change of tides, with nutrients and plankton being carried through the waters as currents flow. As a result, the marina is now home to a vibrant aquatic community of more than 129 different species of marine life. The City Reef at Keppel Bay project is an initiative to spread awareness and encourage conservation of marine life in the marina’s waters.

Some of the underwater flora and fauna in the marina’s waters include cave corals, brightly coloured clown fish, juvenile batfish, tiger tail seahorse and even sea turtles. Marina at Keppel Bay takes an active role in minimising hazards that could potentially impact the environment. Along the pontoons, the reticulated vacuum sewer pump-out system discourages boaters from discharging their black and grey water into the waters.

Boat owners are recommended to install four-stroke engines in their boats, as opposed to two-stroke, to reduce exhaust pollution. They are also encouraged to use biodegradable washing liquids and detergents during vessel-cleaning. The Marina also uses compost fertilizers to prevent damage to the marine life in the waters should there be any wash off from land.

Fishing and installation of fishing traps are also prohibited in the marina. This helps to sustain a well- balanced eco-system and food chain amongst the marine life. These efforts are further reinforced with the launch of the Marina Guide – a book of rules which all boat owners are required to adhere to. These initiatives, among others, reinforce Marina at Keppel Bay’s commitment to environmental protection!

Marina at Keppel Bay is one of the most-awarded marinas in the region, having clinched the accolades and achievements such as accredited 5 Gold Anchor international rating by the Marina Industries Association (MIA), as well as accredited as Clean Marina and Fish Friendly Marina by Marina Industries Association (MIA). For the lid of awards accredited, view from this link. https://marinakeppelbay.com/our-awards/

With so much reasons to love Marina at Keppel Bay Singapore – for its beauty, the fun and the effort they made to the environment, plan your next getaway at here!

Marina at Keppel Bay

2 Keppel Bay Vista Singapore 098382

Tel: (65) 6303 8448
Fax: (65) 6275 2322

Getting Here: https://marinakeppelbay.com/getting-here/

For general enquiries, email: enquiry@marinakeppelbay.com

Website : www.marinakeppelbay.com

Brand New Party Experience with PartyDiva.Co!

Celebrations can start from homes and we will find ways to create new memories with our love ones for all our special occasions.

party diva!

2020 is EPIC. We lived half a year like a lifetime and get the longest weekends that we always wanted. Since COVID 19 hit us, the virus has morphed into a globally pandemic that has changed the way we live and interact with one another.

We now face new norms of socializing and this makes me cherish the company of my loved ones even more. Celebrations should start from our safer home and from there, we can begin to find ways to create new memories for all our special occasions.

With National Day coming this 9 August, how would you spend this special day with your loved ones? The National Day Parade (NDP) is gonna focus on Singaporeans celebrating in our homes, instead of the floating platform at Marina Bay.

That said, I’m officially a party planner for my family! And I need to find a variety of National Day themed products to make my celebration a truly memorable one!

https://partydiva.co/sg55, a collaborative e-commerce & marketplace for Gifting, Events and Party Planning came into my rescue! It is an e-commerce marketplace that brings merchants & consumers together all in one place for a seamless party planning experience.

This National Day, besides retailing their own thematic decorative, PartyDiva.Co also pulled together a roster of thematic offerings curated by some of our favorite homegrown brands! With them, I get to support local brands while feasting my tummy & eyes on their limited edition offerings.

Just a few clicks online & what I wanted got delivered to my doorstep! I love this truly Singapore experience!

Check out what I have selected from PartyDiva.Co for my National Day Celebration with my family!

1) AMICI Catering

Celebration always involves food, and this is especially true for Singaporeans since eating good food is our national hobby! AMICI Catering, a homegrown boutique caterer, offers this mini gourmet 5-course National Day Buffet ($108+) that let me pick my preferred dish for each course. This set can feed up to 7 people.

party diva!

Check out their exclusive National Day menu offerings of up to 15 different dishes for selection – I had a hard time deciding myself. The specially designed menu is a hearty East-meets-West fusion repertoire that tastes just as good as it sounds!

The mini buffet came in microwaveable boxes, with plates, utensils, serviettes & plastic table cloth too. All of these are placed neatly in a heat insulated bag to keep the food warm while I prepare and doll up for my celebratory meal.

party diva!

I always relish a freshly made gourmet meal and I simply adored what I have chosen here. The Garlic Fried Rice with Chicken Floss & Spring Onion, Oven-baked Cajun Style Basa Fish with Peppers and Mixed Vegetables Cutlets are so delicious!

party diva!

This National Day Set comes with a complimentary 6” Raspberry Lychee Rose Cake too, concluding the meal on a sweet note. Nice one!

And if you think a complimentary cake doesn’t taste good, you are wrong. This cake from AMICI Catering is fantastic! Moist, soft and fluffy – every mouthful is decked with juicy lychee & perfumed with a delicate rose fragrance, super delish!

2) Nasi Lemak Indulgence

Greedy me saw this & I know I must have it! National Day MUST HAVE a national dish for celebration right? YES! OMG this limited edition savory 8-inch Nasi Lemak Cake ($132) from Nasi Lemak Indulgence is the bomb! Taking a leaf from grandma’s old recipe book, Nasi Lemak Indulgence re-created the traditional Nasi Lemak with their very own twist.

One bite of the ‘cake’ packs the burst of the combinative flavors that makes the Nasi Lemak a true Singaporean favorite. I 10000% recommend you to get this if you are a true nasi lemak lover with a taste of nostalgia & want to impress your love ones!

party diva!

This beautiful cake is here to tantalize our tastebuds while representing our ethnic groups with the variety of specially selected ingredients.

The seasoned sambal topped with Goreng Tempeh, anchovies peanuts in Kicap Manis is meant as a symbolic gesture towards the Malay in Singapore. Likewise, the Papadum is a nod to our Indian community, accompanied with Fried Shrimp Paste Chicken and Blue Pea Rice as a token for the Chinese & Peranakan in Singapore.

Artfully pieced together as one, the cake presents itself as a representation of celebration, not just for good food and great times, but for the diversity that makes Singapore such a special place for us. From meaning to flavor, this has got everything I want in a satisfying nasi lemak meal – now I can have my cake and eat it!

Cut this up like a cake and served! It is pretty easy to cut but difficult for me because I felt really bad ‘destroying’ it.

I reckon this cake can cut up to 10 big slices though there are only 8 chicken wings. Even without the chicken wings, rest assured it will still be highly satisfying for everyone.

Nasi Lemak Indulgence freshly makes their cakes and the cake was warm when it arrived at my place. The thick layers of eggy omelette, chunky otah and yummy blue pea coconut rice go so well together with the sweet & spicy sambal to add a touch of tang to the symphony of flavorsEven the cucumber slices by the side taste so good! The bottle of papadum that comes with the cake adds crunch to the cake too.

3) Kueh Ho Jiak

party diva!

National Day celebration also means having heritage food right? My family loves nonya kueh and decided to get the award winning Kueh Ho Jiak for snacks.

Kueh Ho Jiak is famous for their varying rendition of traditional kuehs with aesthetics that go in line for any festive celebration or trend – all without the use of artificial colorings.

Their handmade kuehs are also popular because they can be customized to suit different occasions & celebrations. Look at these beautifully designed ones for their National Day Celebratory Platter ($37.50) here, so pretty & patriotic right?

party diva!

This platter has red & white kuehs representing the Singapore flag6 mini png kuehs (rice cake), 5 kueh lapis and 4 Merlion ang ku kuehs (with grated coconut fillings) plated beautifully on fragrant pandan leaves. All of these are also vegan with no eggs used.

4) Three Wisemen

party diva!

By now, most people know I love my alcohol and a celebration is not considered as one unless it comes with it. Three Wisemen tops this off with a really yummy NDP-themed cocktail, the Nana Sling! ($90, set of 5 x 120ml bottles).

party diva!

Nana Sling is a seasonal Summer cocktail that requires 5 days to make. An unmistakably tropical concoction, this drink is a heady mix of lemon juice, homemade blossom water, pomegranate syrup and Brugal Rum infused with banana leaves, all combined with the intense orange flavour from shots of Cointreau. Cheers with the cute bottles!

5) Pétale Tea

party diva!

What about my non alcoholic family members? Of course they are also my priority and I prepared limited-edition blooming tea from Pétale Tea for them!

party diva!

As Singapore’s No.1 blooming tea expert, this National Day gift set ($65), includes their limited-edition tea “My Fair Lady”, 5 best-selling tea flavours and 2 tea glasses to complete the set! The tea glasses are really perfect for us to admire at the tea bloom before enjoying it – a complete sensory experience!

Beautiful blooming teas with tantalizing flavors & many health benefits. This drinkable art-in-the-glass is ready in just 5 to 10 mins!

6) PartyDiva.Co

party diva!

A party with no decorations is no party at all! I elevated the ambiance & presentation of my sumptuous spread with PartyDiva.Co’s limited edition National Day themed bundle ($100), featuring their very own customized bunting, cupcake stand, cake and food toppers that feature Singapore icons such as the Merlion & Gardens by the Bay, as well as local slangs such as “Relax Lah” and “Shiok Ah”!

PartyDiva.Co also has a virtual photo booth (VBooth) whereby we can take thematic photos, decorated them and share with everyone! All we have to do is to click on the link below:


Playing around with the stickers has never been this fun and easy!

All the vendors I have chosen are homegrown brands, which makes #SupportLocal especially meaningful during this National Day.

So what are you waiting for! It is time to start planning & make your celebration a truly unforgettable one. Get PartyDiva.Co to put together a tasteful event like mine! This one-stop platform is really convenient & cost effective, you’re gonna love itPartyDiva.Co is my partner for celebrations and I’m looking forward to more parties and festivities with them already!


(PRODUCT SHARING) miu Tomato Juice (Gold) by Nagoya LIDA Farm at METRO IPPIN

This is a holy grail for someone starting on tomato juice!

I have been drinking tomato juice which I believe for its health benefits, so looking out for more varieties and taste testing become relatable to me.

How often do you see tomato juice being bottled up so beautifully? Only the Japanese would and this miu Tomato Juice Gold ($40) from Nagoya Lida Farm is absolutely stunning with its long flute-like bottle. It bottle contains 300ml of tomato juice that is translucent.

miu Tomato Juice Gold has got gold standard because it is made from cherry tomatoes harvested in Nagoya, which is famous for their high sugar content. The sugar is produced naturally with the help of organic fertilizer, bonito and kelp. This tomato juice has no additional sugar, salt, coloring or preservatives. It is also additive and chemical free.

miu Tomato Juice tasted light and refreshing, almost like a tomato drink instead of juice. This is a little different from Ajikoi Tomato Juice (that I reviewed previously) which is thicker in viscosity and heavier in taste. Best to serve this tomato juice chilled or you can use it as a cocktail ingredient.

miu Tomato Juice (Gold) can be purchased at Ippin Section of Metro Level 4.