It is my first with Tokyo Bust Express!

Our bust are beautiful in different shapes & sizes but what are unsightly & need to be improved? Saggy & unhealthy looking ones.

Blogged 𝗺𝘆 𝗳𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁 experience with Tokyo Bust Express! This is exciting for me because I always curious about their service after seeing the advertisements, very intrigued to try them for myself. Thankfully I did because it was a pleasurable experience where I learned a lot from the them on the breasts issues & bursting myths that I have heard on getting fuller busts. I also get to know the steps & procedures involved in their treatments, finally!

When comes to Tokyo Bust Express, most of us will feel curious but too embarrassed to talk about it. Some might even frown at this idea because we ought to love what we already have? Yes, we should but many of us do not know hoe to take good care of ourselves during puberty, resulting in underdeveloped bust. Also, losing weight and child birth can damage our bust line too, which is pretty sad since these are common stages in life that we go through. As a modern woman, we lead multiple roles but should always spend time to seek for an improved version of us.

In Singapore, there are only a few reputable bust treatment salons & I’m usually skeptical on the reviews till I try them. I choose to give Tokyo Bust Express a go after seeing my friends engaged in their service and gave positive reviews. Tokyo Bust Express is also reported winning numerous awards throughout the years.

Tokyo Bust Express uses up-to-date technologies alongside age-old techniques from Japan. They also use products with herbaceous extracts that aid in bust improvements naturally without any surgeries or pills. Because of these, I know I will be in good hands and totally excited to start my treatment with them!


I visited their outlet at NEX Serangoon since it is the nearest to my home. Located at the top level (level 3) at NEX, this is a cosy spacious place at the quiet corner of the level for better privacy.

I love the pink & gold interior at here! The place is looking glam & pretty, just like what I wanna be perceived as!


I completed a simple two pages Q&A in order for the consultant to advise me further. Most of the time, I don’t know what I am seeking for or understand my area of concerns, hence such Q&A is super essential to convey my expectations for the treatment to the consultant.

Initially, I was feeling shy and very nervous, especially when I know that my treatment involves massaging on the breasts with bare hands from the therapist – I always thought it is going to be using with machines only! Thankfully after much interactions & explanations from them, I managed to understand the logics involved for a more effective treatment, hence going through the whole session with less awkwardness. I can ensure you they are really professional!

Changed into a kimono with bra off, this is when consultant helped me with measurements & examinations on my bust, seeing if my area of concerns described during the Q&A are relevant.

The 4 treatments in focus at Tokyo Bust Express

1) Bust Firming – a treatment to cultivate a sensual bust cleavage. This is designed to deliver optimal volume for those underdeveloped bust, where improvement such as a more curvaceous & firmer bust could be observed.

2) Bust Contouring – a treatment that aims to perfect asymmetric or contorted breasts. The treatment will revitalize & strengthen the bust support tissues to boost and beautify the empty sections of our décolleté, making it shapelier and more balanced.

3) Bust Lifting – rejuvenates the skin to tone up and increases the firmness of the minute muscles in the bust area. These in all can put an end to breast sagging issue.

4) Bust Detoxing – improved blood circulation for our delicate bust area which helps to minimize the occurrence of bust-related illnesses.


This is my private room for my bust treatment. I did not take much pictures at here because I really want to enjoy the treatment fully!

The treatment took 1-2 hours, including time taken for consultation. My most affected area is actually the ‘second breast’. According to the consultant, the second breast is the combination of accumulated fats & toxin stored at the armpit areas that are caused by bad diet & unhealthy lifestyle. Toxin is not expelled through our lymph nodes properly & after a prolonged period, our lymphatic nodes got congested and eventually swollen – this is how the second breast is formed and also why exercise alone cannot reduce it completely. I irks my second breast a lot and feel it is worse than having small boobs! Do you feel the same too?

During the treatment, I experienced little discomforts, especially when the therapist is exerting force when massaging my clogged lymphatic nodes. But just after a few minutes, the tension eased away & I started to get really comfortable. The pain is definitely bearable but was amplified because I wasn’t prepared for it although the therapist lovingly reminded me before proceeding.  Throughout the process, the therapist will check for your comfort level so let her know if the pain is too much for you to handle. You should always understand the pain we felt is due to the clogged lymph nodes hence a massage with greater pressure is essential to relieve issue.

Above are the screens captured from my videos – the before and after treatment. I can genuinely feel & see the differences! Can you see them too? My second breasts are reduced with my bust lifted & better in contouring. It is really amazing to see all these in one single session. Optimal & longer lasting result can be seen if we attend the treatments consistently!


I was given a set of after treatment care products for extra love to my peaks. These are essential to maintain a healthy looking bust line, just like how we will take care of our face with serums and moisturizers. How can we take care all of us but totally forgotten about our bust?

The aftercare products include Bust-Licious Tightening Bust Gel & Bust Essence. These are to be used simultaneously to give optimal result.

The Bust-Licious Tightening Bust Gel is designed to lift, tone & tighten the delicate skin of the bust. It targets to deliver optimal efficacy by improving the tonicity, uplifting the bust for a visibly more elevated and firmer bust line. This is to be used twice daily!

Bust Essence is formulated in Japan, & made in Switzerland. To apply, pump the essence onto the palms and massage gently from the side towards the middle of the breasts – until fully absorbed. I love this essence a lot as it can be absorbed easily and having good plumping effect when I used it day & night diligently.


If is not for firming and contouring our bust, it will still be good to have regular sessions at Tokyo Bust Express, in particularly their Bust Detox and Lifting Treatment. I believe getting better blood circulation & removing toxin from the bust area are important to keep us well in additional for being aesthetically pleasing in shape. The consultants & therapists at Tokyo Bust Express are also knowledgeable and patient, making the treatment at here very personal & pleasant.

In life, if something crossed your mind a few times, just go ahead and do it. Especially when this is something that could give you better appearance and self-confidence which makeup and clothing could not give – in such instance, the treatment from Tokyo Bust Express. Being well as a well being is a lovely thing to do. Love yourself always.


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Tokyo Bust Express

Hotline: +65 86142260




• Nex Mall – 23 Serangoon Central #03-31 S556083
• Novena Square 2 – 10 Sinaran Drive, #B1-111/112 S307506
• Regency House – 123 Penang Road #07-13 S238465
• Jurong East Vision Exchange – 2 Venture Drive #01-30/31 S608526
• Paya Lebar Square – 60 Paya Lebar Road #01-26/27 S409501



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