LASH INC SG gave me beautiful eyebrows and lashes!

Luck is with me whenever I feel great about myself!

We make efforts in perfecting our eyebrows daily, but what for? Because a well shaped eyebrows make differences, and this golden rule applies to everyone, including guys!

A well sought set of eyebrows usually frames your face shapely, take ages off and gives an instant lifting effect without any surgery. This is why someone with sparse brows usually looks tired & unattractive which indirectly affecting their social life, as well as the image at work. These in turn will affect their confidence level in a long run.

Are we skillful enough to draw the perfect brows at all times? Not for me, even after years of practicing! There are also times where I really need to snooze another 10 minutes for my sleeping pleasure which always end up with little time to draw the brows. Because of such, I always seek for alternative to help me and reduce the amount of time for preparation before going out, which is an eyebrow embroidery!

Eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent make up technique that gives us sculpted brows which could last for years with proper care. This process involves manually adding colored pigment to the skin, filling in empty spots on your brows with skillful and lively strokes, resulting in a perfect and fuller set of brows. I can ditch my eyebrow pencil once and put my best face forward with lesser effort after this process!

Do you know you can even omit a full face makeup when your eyebrows are on fleek – totally in sync with the current since we need to wear our mask most of the time because of the pandemic situation.

Lash Inc Singapore, a popular eyelash extension and brow embroidery salon among the young executives, is conveniently located at 46A Peck Seah Street, Tanjong Pagar.

This classy looking studio is located at the 2nd level of the shop houses, which is quiet and private. Be warmly greeted by the luxurious pink and gold interior once you enter the studio, and I really love how bright and airy the place is.

There is a comfortable couch for customers to be seated, with lots of interesting merchandises on the shelves to shop at.The service beds are partitioned by beautiful curtains hence we get our privacy without feeling concealed in a room.

With a team of certified beauticians and premium grade products, they instantly advised on the services I could engaged on after I told them my areas of concern. Because of my brows plucking habit, my eyebrows got really sparse and hardly any regrown due to aging. Also, my previously eyebrow embroidery has faded after years with the shape not complementing my current face shape anymore.

My objective is to get a set of longer lasting eyebrows that look fuller, could complements my lifestyle and elevate my features naturally.

Here sharing with you 5 factors to take note for perfecting your Eyebrow Embroidery Experience at Lash Inc SG!

1. Brow Shape

Prior to the brow embroidery session, beautician Tiffany mapped out the best brow shape that suits my facial features according to her ideal for me. However, it is always better to come with ideas on how you would like to look! Is there particular brow shape that you fancy or something you saw on a celebrity that you think would suit you?

For me, I think I have a round face so an angled arch with slightly longer ends help to shape my face and give an overall slimming effect. Also, the starting point of my brows are a little too wide apart, resulting a much fatter nose root than it actually is. Tiffany elongated the starting points by creating soft and narrow strokes on them so that the brows are now looking closer together and more harmonious on my face.

2. Types of Embroidery Techniques

This is probably the most difficult part for the process because you need to understand and choose. But I can ensure you things will be a lot easier at Lash Inc SG because of their professionalism.

At Lash Inc SG, there are 4 types of brows embroidery service namely Microblading, Microshading, Combination Brows & Ombré Brows. Each technique combines different pressured strokes and shadings to create depth and tone in the brows. I prefer natural looking brows created with individual strokes so was advised to choose Microblading.

Microblading is a semi permanent eyebrow embroidery method that could achieve a full yet natural looking brows. Light, featherweight, hair-like strokes are carefully placed along the outlines of my brows and slowly filling in sparse areas. This design is perfect for those seeking the natural looking brow and do not have any underlying issue with former eyebrow embroidery.

Lash Inc SG uses highest quality pigments with variety of choices to suit every skin tone. The pigments are extremely stable and close to our pure brow pigments too. Being non magnetized with non oily formula, there will not be separation of pigment components during the process. This formula also has minimal downtime hence a much shorter healing process.

3. Set Time for Brows Recovery

That said, after the eyebrow embroidery session, please ensure adequate time for your new brows to heal. I need to avoid getting the brows wet or be in saunas and steam baths. We should also not pick on the scabs even when they started to peel. Thankfully I have no major events that week because it is natural for the brows to look a lot darker after the embroidery. Diligently apply the recovery cream given by Lash Inc SG for the next few days and allow the brows to heal beautifully!

4. Extra Care for your Brows During Cleansing Routine

After the eyebrow embroidery, we should avoid any form of chemicals come in contact with the brows, which includes your daily facial cleanser, scrubs, makeup remover or even beauty essence masks. It will be best to avoid the area altogether so that the healing progress will not be affected. If the brows get into contact with water, we need to dry them immediately.

5. Schedule a Touch Up Session

I was recommended to schedule a touch up session 4 to 6 weeks after the eyebrow session or after my brows have healed completely. Because I have oily skin at my brow areas, they cannot take in the pigments as well as what drier skin does, and the pigments also fade off a little more than usual during my recovery period. A touch up session is needed to fix any irregularities with the new embed coat of pigment to prolong the lasting hood of my brow embroidery.

Having a great set of brows sets my face and I really no longer spend a ton of time getting ready to go out. However, the windows to my soul are a little dull looking with the perfect brows and masked lower face. I love lash extensions but it is not a long term solution since it can be costly and difficult to maintain at times.

YUMI™ Lash Lift and Tint

YUMI™ Lash lift and tint was developed in France and is an internationally recognized brand for eyelash enhancement. Well known as the latest beauty revolution, this advance process infuses Keratin, aloe vera, glycerin and provitamin B5 into each eyelash strand, promoting cell renewal creating silky, strong and resistant eyelashes.

Not only does it lengthen, thicken, curl and lift your natural eyelashes with impressive results, it also aids in improving my existing lash structure naturally, I love it! However, take note to not wet or rub our eyelashes with anything cream or serum for the first 24-48 hours else the effect will be affected.

YUMI™ Lash lift and tint is safe & gentle with no paraben, formaldehyde and void of any harsh chemicals, on top of passing all EU regulatory tests. This process is suitable for most people, especially those with sensitive eyes or even pregnant women.YUMI™ Lash lift and tint is not lash perm and only certified YUMI™ beauticians are allowed to carry and perform this treatment. YUMI™ Lash Lift & Tint can be done monthly and effect could lasts up to 7-8 weeks, following our natural lash cycle.

This treatment is recommended for those seeking a slight enhancement, taking a break from lash extensions, have sensitive eyes, or looking for a nourishing treatment for their eyelashes. I’m considering to get this into my beauty routine from now on since I might need only around 4 to 5 treatments each year to keep my eyes define and pretty! Imagine your natural lashes got lifted & volumized while nourishing them, resulting in a fuller, darker and enchanted look. This is just perfect!


The YUMI™ Lashes Keratin Mascara available at Lash Inc SG is a perfect aftercare product to keep our lashes volumized, glossy while prolonging the lifting effect of the treatment. All we have to do is to swipe a coat on clean lashes just like how we would do with a mascara. It can be applied up to twice a day – as a primer in the daytime and as a keratin boost in the evening!

Life gets busy while we fulfill our dreams, duties and responsibilities. Leave your eyebrows and eyelashes to Lash Inc SG to put your best face forward under their professional care and reasonable prices.

Lash Inc SG
Address: 46A Peck Seah Street, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 079316
Contact Number: +65 9152 8583
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am to 7pm (by appointment)



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