My Chance with Tarot Guardian Jacelyn Phang

Not every question needs an answer to be completed.

You might think that there is an answer to every question. However, that isn’t always necessarily the case. This is what I took from my Tarot Card Reading Session with Tarot Guardian Jacelyn Phang.

I often find myself caught up in situations that made me puzzled, helpless or depressed, which I often tolerated and shift focuses to my work instead. It is also never my habit to share my problems with others since I believe everyone has their own or simply could not understand mine better. There came to a part where I gotten so traumatized with dreadful events. I even got funny by googling for solutions, which of course came to no avail. Perhaps, I should have tried other search engines huh? 🤣

Reading up on philosophies about life and getting guides for dummies did not help on my situation either. Nothing seems to work and everything crashed hard on me. Eventually, my insomnia got worsen and I know I’m in desperate need for solutions from someone who will not judge, in a professional position to guide, and also having a pair of trustworthy listening ears.

My first encounter with Tarot Card Reading was in May 2018 at the Love & Light event. Tarot Reading is really intriguing and it seems to be different from other divination services (did not require much personal information to execute which I’m skeptical about). Instead, all it needs is by divining from the energy I emitted, the questions I had in mind, and how I handle the cards during the reading.

About Tarot Guardian Jacelyn Phang

At Love & Light, I got to know Jacelyn. She was introduced to the art of Astrology at her tender age and has worked her way to be a Professional Tarot Card Reading master and Celebrity Astrology Speaker at New Trend Lifestyle (NTL) now.  NTL is the world’s first listed Feng Shui company on the London stock exchange which belongs to Grand Master Hillary Phang, who is the founder of NTL and father of Jacelyn.

With more than 5 years of experience, Jacelyn is a well sought-after practitioner in Tarot Card Reading and Crystal Stone Aura Reading, who is able to provide personalized and insightful interpretations for her clients through comprehensive analysis.


My Hour Long Tarot Session with Jacelyn

💗 Private & Confidential Session

From my experience with Jacelyn, I can tell you that she is professional, reassuring and non-judgmental. My Tarot Reading session with her was done in a quiet and modern room where she listened to my situations and devised a unique Tarot card spread.

After which, Jacelyn deduced and read the cards knowledgeably, which I felt her passion and vibe through the insightful reading. My hour with her felt like an hour with a stranger who is strangely close to my heart. Jacelyn shared with me that helping her clients gaining clarity from their difficult situations and empowering them to make better decisions have been her missions and will always be.

With her years of experience in the astrology industry, Jacelyn is affable and has gotten countless of positive testimonials from her clients. She does not sugar-coat her words, and I find that her analysis is extremely accurate.

😊 Tip: Be precise with your question and it will be easier to derive and analyze on your situation for reading.

For example,

Generic question - I want to ask about my career.

Specific question - I want to ask if I will get my promotion or pay increment in the coming 3-6 months.

See the difference? I know you get the idea! 💡

💗 Flat fees with No Hidden Cost

Jacelyn uses a full spread of Tarot Cards (78 cards) with no additional top-up amount when each card is drawn / per question asked since the session is priced according to the time spent. I find the pricing system reasonable since time can passed  really fast when you are engrossed in clearing your uncertainties, 💯 no worrying on huge amount of hidden cost at the end of your Tarot Reading session. Talking about divination service with a peace of mind! 😉

😊 Tip: Although Jacelyn is extremely caring and is not particular about the time spent, I would still recommend you to go for her 1-hour session especially if you have more than a question to ask.

💗 Tarot is NEVER a Religion or Superstition

Initially, I was skeptical about Tarot Card Reading, which I’m sure many others do as well. But after my researches through the internet and my visit to the Love & Light event, I realized that Tarot Card Reading is a helpful reference; especially for someone who is seeking clarity. Jacelyn is not a psychic and does not practice any religion relating to tarot reading so there will not be any praying or meditation involved. All the advices she shared with me are absolutely practical and rational.

💗 What You Think or Do Today Helps Shape of Your Future Tomorrow

A Tarot Card Reading Session aims to empower an individual to take positive actions after understanding their current situation. So if I picked on a negative card, it serves as a reminder to lookout for dangers and obstacles; taking it as a proactive stance to take precautions and to stay alert instead of being negative.

There is really nothing scary but pure amazement when you see that the cards you have selected, telling you the past, present and future of 3 to 6 months on the issue asked; all deduced from my emitted energy and Jacelyn’s knowledge!

💗 Which Tarot Card Are You

Have you ever wondered which Tarot Card do you belong to? Jacelyn got me my Tarot Card personality through my birth date at no extra charge (only valid for the 60 mins session). You will get better insight on your strengths and potentials, which will reveal the way you react to relationships, career, wealth and health.


Your Chance with Tarot Card Reading

Whether you are going through a difficult situation or struggling to make peace with your present situation, find clarity through a Tarot Card Reading session with Jacelyn. Tarot Card reading can help individuals to come up with certain solutions and guide in making better choices in life. I definitely had a more positive and happier outlook after the Tarot Card Reading ended. For interested individuals, I’m sharing her pricing and how you can book her service below.


1. 30 minutes session – promo price is $68 NETT (usual price $108).

2. 60 minutes session – promo price is $128 NETT (usual price is $208).


Call or SMS: 8877 8124 / Email:

The Tarot Card Reading service will be performed at these two locations:

(1) 131 Jurong Gateway Road #01-253, Singapore 600131 (nearest MRT – Jurong East)

(2) 190 Middle Road #01-35 Singapore 188979 (nearest MRT – Bugis)

You can also follow Master Tarot Guardian Jacelyn on her Instagram @Tarot_With_Jacelyn for the latest updates on her services.

PS: If you have any illness or health issues, please seek medical advice from a qualified healthcare professional as Jacelyn does not answer health related issues. Also, she is unable to look into the afterlife of any individual, so please avoid spiritual or religion related questions.

The purpose of tarot reading is NOT to find out your future. It is to help you see your present energies, thoughts and behaviours more objectively. Come with an open mind, and Jacelyn will guide you. 💗 

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