YAYS! I lost inches with BottomSlim’s 50K Ultrasonic Cavitation Again!

Although nothing can come between me & my food, the aftermath of excessive eating is real!

Attractive silhouette no more because I gained so much this Chinese New Year in the Year of Metal Ox. Maybe I’m really elated that Singapore has the pandemic situation under controlled and it is a blessing that we still get to hangout with our love ones. And so, most celebrations come with food, food and more food right? Haha!

Extra thickness at the waist is very unattractive and I’m feeling extremely  clumsy with it. I am not even motivated to put on my exercise gear to workout as I look so fat in it. 😆 And then all I could think of are tasty eats, late night indulgences and clearing of tidbits even the festival has officially ended. With more time spent on eating, my sleep is badly compromised too. The aftermath of all these is a huge gain on my tummy! – from 76cm previously to 10cm more! This measurement does not includes other areas, yet. *CRIES* but served me right!

All parties will come to a stop and I have to even they don’t! What about you? Did you gain any weight after all the celebratory eating? What will you be doing to lose it? I need to lose those post-Chinese New Year’s gains to kickstart my slimming journey again!



Besides switching my diet to healthier food choices with plenty of exercise, seeking professional help from BottomSlim is a must since their treatments work for me and they gonna speed things up. I just hope that my therapist will not get too mad at me when she sees my atrocious thighs & waist during my visit! But then, if I did not gain, she will have one customer lesser – what goes up must comes down and this is part and parcel of life right? 😛




Long story short, I checked out BottomSlim’s outlet at Paya Lebar Quarter this time. This outlet is as gorgeous as the one at NEX Serangoon, and I like the fact that there are many lovely shops for me to shop after my treatments. Shopping therapy works and we need to burn off those fats!


Cater to fit our busy lifestyle, so that no excuse for not losing the post-celebration gains, BottomSlim has came out with an express treatment that involves 2 steps only! This express treatment is a combination of their Signature 50K (for breaking down deeper layer of fats) + Body Wrap (for firming & sculpting) – all in 30 mins! A slimming gel is massaged vigorously onto treatment spot(s) to prevent abrasion and promoting effectiveness for the treatment too.


50K? YES! 50K is a non-surgical ultrasonic cavitation method that operates at 50KHZ, vibrating fat cells powerfully to break & converting them into energy scientifically! The converted energy will then be utilized for our daily metabolism & hence will not be stored in our bodies again – unless we eat excessively! Inches lost for this treatment is immediate & is definitely not water lost.



I lost 10cm in one session! Can you imagine how happy I was? And also how disgusted I am feeling when I see my fat tummy prior the treatment? I have been procrastinating to weigh and see myself in mirror because not everyday is a glamorous day!

50K Express Treatment is a good approach to achieve ideal contouring fast. Bottomslim is certainly my good partner that works hand in hand with me to maintain my healthier body regime. I am determine to keep what I have lost and will try my best to keep my diet healthier for more weight & inches lost! Feeling great made me go shopping right after my treatment! Haha. 🛍



Calling to all my sisters & girlfriends, time to make change & experience the result of 50K yourself! Message BottomSlim on their Instagram or Facebook page with promo code <338EXPRESS:Maya> to enjoy not 1 but 3 x sessions of 50K & Wrap Treatment at $38! This promotion is strictly for the 1st 38 new customers only, so do take note!


Hotline: (+65) 6363 2525

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bottomslim

Instagram: https://instagram.com/bottomslimny

Website: www.bottomslim.com

• Nex Mall – 23 Serangoon Central #03-31, S556083
• Paya Lebar Quarter – 10 Paya Lebar Road, #03-24 S409057
• Novena Square 2 – 10 Sinaran Drive #03-11/19 S307506
• Tong Building – 302 Orchard Road,  #06-03A S238862
• JCube – 2 Jurong East Central 1 #B1-01, S609731

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