A multipurpose cooker is an essential for a functional kitchen in modern homes

I really like this MIDEA MMR5025 RICE COOKER from Midea. It looks pretty sleek, compact and is as multifunctional as a bulky pressure cooker which I fancied previously, costing 3 times more than this!

Look at multiple preset menu. I’m hungry! Hahaha. This comes with smart 24 hours preset timer too. Imagine waking up to hot yummy porridge or coming home to warm fluffy rice where we just prepare everything in the pot and let the cooker do the magic, I like it. The cooker has soft touch control with LED display, very user friendly.

Check out this thick 2.5mm multiple layers pot (8 layers) that retains heat effectively. It has a nonstick surface because of Teflon Non-stick Layer while The Oxidation Resistant Layer, Honeycomb Shaped Layer, Alloy Oxide Layer and Thread Heat Conduction Layer ensure food is being cooked evenly at a faster speed. The dedicated design of the pot also matches the concave heating element of the cooker seamlessly.

Now, the bonus part, MIDEA MMR5025 RICE COOKER comes with a stainless steel steam tray that could endure high level of heat 🤩🤩🤩. This means you can use this cooker as a steamer or steaming delicious side dishes such as vegetable, meats or even frozen products while cooking the rice, literally a one pot sumptuous meal without any hassle.

While the cooker looks into dedication for every part such as a detachable coverplate and steam vent cap where you can clean all residue after cooking, expect nothing but an easy to understand using experience. Simple accessories such as a measuring cup, rice scoop, soup ladle and power cord in additional to the metal steaming tray with the cooker. The user guide is well illustrated with clear instructions too. 👍🏻

Guess what I’m making today? Not cooking rice, porridge or soup. Not steaming frozen siew mai or lotus paste buns too. I will be making my own yoghurt with Midea cooker’s Yogurt Making Function!

The plan is really simple. Press ‘Cook Menu’ till you selected ‘Yogurt’ as an option, put in your ingredients and give a period of 8 hours patience. Viola! A healthy low sugar home made yogurt is formed!

A 1L of cow’s milk can yields 100ml of yogurt but I’m using oats milk instead which is suitable for lactose intolerant people. The 2-in-1 coffee powder I’ve added prior to fermentation is optional and you can experiment with cocoa powder, fruits purée or anything you fancy too! The flavors should be added after the yogurt is formed but I’m experimenting for this recipe and it turned out well for me.

Homemade yogurt is full of gut friendy bacteria and should be eaten on regular basis. You can add any toppings you like and I like chia seeds and cocoa nibs in particularly. Drizzle some honey too if you like it sweet but I will usually skip it because of trying to reduce my sugar intake whenever I could.

I read somewhere that mood is made in the gut as there is a constant bi-directional communication between the brain and GI tract. The healthier your GI tract or gut health is, the happier you are. No harm believing and eat the right yogurt since sugary store bought ones are not exactly healthy anyway.

You can find MIDEA MMR5025 RICE COOKER (1.8L) with recommended selling price at around SGD$130, available in major electrical stores and Qoo10 platform.