Tim Ho Wan 添好运 made its way to Northeastern at Punggol Waterway Point!

I’m a 💯% dim sum lover! So I love Tim Ho Wan!

Tim Ho Wan opens its 11th outlet in Singapore at Punggol Waterway Point! This is their first outlet in the northeastern of Singapore, a great addition for the young families and students in the vicinity, especially during the weekends. With the newly opened outlet at Suntec City, they have 12 outlets in total now.

Tim Ho Wan is a dynamic brand from Hong Kong who built a name for itself for serving quality at dim sum at affordable prices on our shore since 2013. Early this year, Tim Ho Wan Asia Pacific (ex-Hong Kong) entered their new chapter, authored by its new shareholders. The new team, together with founding duo Chef Mak and Chef Leung who led Tim Ho Wan to its first Michelin star conducted countless rounds of R&D to present the revamped menu.

New menu item Shrimp with Chives in Filo Pastry, has sweet crunchy shrimps enveloped in a golden, crisp filo pastry. This has since became a popular item because of its lovely crunch and tasty filling.

The revamped menu showcases exciting Cantonese favorites and upgraded classics with expanded selection of desserts such as:

  • Spicy Pork Dumplings: Rich pork filling is delicately wrapped in thin, silky smooth wonton skin, and tossed in Tim Ho Wan’s red-hot chili oil and spicy sauce.

  • Signature BBQ Pork Bun: The ultimate must-try at Tim Ho Wan has been tweaked to replicate the same pork bun as the Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong. A crumbly and fluffy crust opens up to reveal the oozing, sweet-salty barbecued pork that has won over the hearts of many.

  • Chrysanthemum Aloe Vera Jelly: Cool off at the end of the meal with a refreshing bowl of health-promoting chrysanthemum and iced aloe vera jelly.

Getting my dim sum fix at Tim Ho Wan always makes me delightful and blissful because eating is such a joy. Perhaps this is how the name 添好运 came about?

Tim Ho Wan 添好运

Website: http://www.timhowan.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/thwsingapore

Facebook: https://facebook.com/timhowan

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